Trevose, Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

You arrive at work every day expecting to put in your full effort, but you never anticipate suffering severe work injuries and being left with unpaid medical bills. If you’ve been injured on the job, it is imperative that you get those medical bills taken care of as quickly as possible via a workers’ compensation claim. Michael J. Mueller can help you secure the compensation you deserve, while also ensuring that you are treated fairly by your employer. An assertive attorney, he will not rest until your claim is successfully filed and resolved.

Types of Workers’ Compensation

Employees injured on the job are eligible for several different types of compensation. Most injured employees prioritize unpaid medical bills, which can rack up quickly. Additionally, those forced to take time off work due to the severity of their injuries are typically eligible for two-thirds replacement of their average weekly wages. The extent of coverage may depend somewhat on whether the injury is deemed partial or total. In some cases, lump sum settlements are available in place of weekly payments.

The Role of Fault

Remuneration in workers’ compensation cases may seem limited compared to full-blown personal injury lawsuits, but the trade-off is that compensation is easier to achieve, even if the employee was partially at fault. Likewise, it is possible to secure compensation for workplace injuries involving pre-existing conditions.

Why You Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

It is possible to file for workers’ compensation without an attorney, but certainly not advisable. Many people with minor injuries successfully represent themselves, but the moment any complexity enters the case, these self-representing individuals are in big trouble. Situations that call for the advanced legal knowledge and skill of a workers’ compensation attorney include:

  • Disputes from employers
  • Extensive injuries leading to lost wages
  • Failure to pay full settlement
  • Retaliation from employers
  • Involvement of a third party in the injury

If you have any doubts at all about your workers’ compensation, it is in your best interest to speak to a trusted attorney before filing. Feel free to discuss your case with Michael; he can assess your situation and determine which approach will maximize your compensation. To learn more about workers’ compensation, contact The Law Office of Michael J. Mueller today.